Friday, January 16, 2009

Procrastinators anonymous.

Dear Fred,

I never thought to do a search until 2009 and lo and behold I found your letter from Thinks Happen. What a great name! I looked for contact information, but if it was there, I sure couldn't find it. I've often thought about you and sure hope you find this. I signed up to follow your blog, maybe that will allow you to contact me. Anyway, sure hope we can connect.

Sarah Hobt


  1. Hi Sarah!

    Good grief, that was almost 20 years ago. I was such a babble-bunny back then.

    How nice to hear from you! I wondered often what became of you. Please bring me up to date. (I promise not to use it in the blog.)

    I’ve spent way too much time in recent years in the blogs (Thinks Happen and Lost Gallery) and in Flickr (anyjazz65). Oddly, I was just about to delete from the blog everything dated prior to 2004. Nobody reads that stuff anyway.

    These comment boxes do not allow direct links, so go to Flickr/anyazz65 and at the top of the far right column, find a set of photographs called “Portraits of you and me.” Click on that and there should be some recent pictures of me toward the bottom.

    Reach me at: anyjazz at or phase65 at Yahoo.

    Thanks for finding me!